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Merchants of all over the world are welcomed!

Business owners from around the world sell product over the web. It can be difficult to find the right bank to accept your customers' payments. EZPayNow has a global network of banks and processing solutions that it can make available to your business. We specialize in finding and matching processing solutions for our merchants. Whether your a small merchant selling specialty products or a large merchant selling globally, we have the team, the experience, and the banks to insure that your customers will be able to make payments and that you will be able to collect your funds.


  • All Currencies

    To be an industry leader in merchant processing you must be able to accept payments in multiple currencies. EZPayNow has banks globaly with accounts in many currencies. To name just a few; USD, EUR, CNY, CAD, AUD, JPY, HKD, ILS, NZD, SGD, and more. Not only can we process in these currencies we can also pay out in many of the same currencies and thereby avoid expensive currency conversion costs. We have accounts that let you decide what currency you want and we pass your local currency to the right bank. Your customers are not charged extra and you maintain your transaction value. A "Win Win" for you and your business.

  • International Reach

    Does your business require your partners to have special services for your unique industry? EZPayNow has partners in many countries with local resources and services. We can match your needs to our partners to insure that you receive the best possible results cost effectively.

ALL TYPES OF Industries

We Have You Covered

EZPayNow is not just a gateway to hundreds of banks worldwide. We are a Merchant Service Provider with added value services customerized to your processing needs. Here are some of the industries that we are processing for now.