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We have the banks to process your Forex Business waiting for your application. With our secure servers your customers' privacy is guaranteed. Because our servers are hosted in a cloud environment you can be sure they wiill be up and running when you need them. And for those peak moments our distributed architecture will balance the load to insure we can manage even your highest volume.

Let us be your Binary Options processing partner and get your business processing today!

Binary Options Merchant Account

  • Binary Options Trading

    Forex Merchant accounts require an experience processor with advanced tools. EZPayNow has the experience, tools, and relationships with the banks you need to process your Forex Trading transactions.

  • Fast & Secure Processing

    Real-time results

    We know how fast things can happen when processing Binary Option transactions. Our servers are up to the task. With high speed cloud based computing servers running in a redundant firewall protected facility, not only can you depend on EZPayNow to handle your high speed activity we keep your processing and customer secure.

  • International Binary Trading

    International market

    Binary Trading is based on the fast real-time trading of stocks, indices, commodities and foreign exchange. In addition Binary Trading involves international currencies. EZPayNow not olny processes in multiple currencies we can payout in many different currencies.