about us

A Global company that provides peronalized service

If you are looking for an experienced company that can provide you with a global business reach, we can help. If you want a partner that will listen to your needs and deliver what you want when you want it, we can do it. And if you want a professional company with the ability to help you grow your business, we will help. EZPayNow has been delivering global merchant processing services for 10 years and has the partners, the experience, and the motovation to be your partner and friend.

Our Background

  • Once a merchant

    EZpayNow was once a merchant processing transactions for its travel business. As a merchnat we had many of the same challenges that our clients have. Finding banks, integrating to processors, managing the process flow of transactions, looking for help with processing issues, and getting funding on time and accurate. We know what merchants need and how they operate because we were once a merchant company.

  • transition to provider

    Because we found that there were many shortfalls with our processing partners, we began building the processing platform we needed to be sucessful. With the technology experience of previous businesses and the understanding of merchant processing needs, we built our gateway to meet and now exceed the expectaions of our partners. We sold our travel business and focused on expanding our platform to not only process for domestic companies but to handle globally the processing needs of merchants worldwide. Today our servers are running on highly secure and state-of-the-art sytems with the ability to process millions of transactions daily. We also understand that merchants don't want technology, they want ease-of-use. Our gateway has a simple yet elegant approach to finding and reporting mission critical information in a simple and user friendly way. We are confident that you will find EZPayNow to be a professional Merchant Service Provider with the resources for your global processing needs.

what we do

A Full suite of services

EZPayNow is not just a gateway to hundreds of banks worldwide, we are a Merchant Service Provider with added value services customerized to your processing needs.

more to come

Building the next generation

Our team of experts are constantly expanding the features and performance of our gateway. With advanced automated systems we will be able to process your payments without any loss of time or money to you. Our staff is skilled and trained to help you should you have any questions or issues. We are expanding our offices to new locations in Hong Kong and Costa Rica. This will open new markets and banking relationsihps as well as bring new clients. We are going and want to help you grow with us. Come joing the EZPayNow team and become part of our Next Generation of processing partners.

Work team


Accounting & Risk Management


Owner & CEO


Customer Support


Technical Development & Support

Our Advantages

  • 1.

    Fast, secure, easy processing

    Our servers operate in a private Scalable SSD cloud. This means that your customers, their credit card information, and your peace of mind are our top priotity and are in good hands.

  • 2.

    global business

    EZPayNow has establshed banking relationships globally. We can bring your company through the power of the internet and our platform access to the worldwide marketplace giving you the opportunity to do business wherever your customers are.

  • 3.

    professional services

    We take pride in delivering our services to our clients and we take interest in hearing what they need. Our promise is to exceed your expectations and to help you grow.

mission & vision

Our committement to our merchants

EZPayNow is focused on delivering the highest quality merchant processing services in the industry. Through our advanced technology, experienced professional team, and global partners we are committed to meeting the needs of our merchants by listenting to them and working with them to grow their business. Here are our commitments to you


  • We have been processing with EZPayNow for over 5 years. They have always made sure that our processing was run smoothly and professionally. Out company depends on consistent processing and funding. EZPayNow has and is a good partner.

    Maria Brooks
  • We needed an new processing solution fast. I contacted EZPayNow and within 72 hours I had a merchant account and was processing! These guys are good. The integration was simple and they were a big help in getting my business back on track.

    Steven Donovan