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Fast approvals - all merchants approved!

Terminated merchants, MATCH merchants, merchants with bad credit are able to get merchant accounts through EZPayNow. We will work with you to retore your credit, remove you from the MATCH/TMF lists and get you back in business. We can also work with you to reduce your chargebacks and refunds. Our anti-fraud systems, verifications, and other tools will be made available to you to help you stay processing.

We understand the high risk business and we have the experience and team in place to work with our merchants to restore their business and keep them processing. We will also help dispute chargebacks. Our secure servers will also provide your customers the security and protection they deserve to insoure their transactions are safe and their identity is secure.

Let us get you processing and back in business!

Bad Credit?

  • We can get you approved

    We will work with you to get you the merchant account you need to conduct your business and maket the money you deserve. Banks are risk adverse. We work with our partner banks to manage their risk by putting measures, controls, and programs that meet thier concerns and puts your business online working and making money.

  • Terminated Merchant?

    MATCH and Terminated Merchant File (TMF)

    “Member Alert to Control High Risk Merchants” (otherwise referred to as “MATCH”) is a listing service subscribed to by Merchant Service Providers to alert them when an existing merchant account is not in good standing.

    EZPayNow can and will get you a merchant account even if you are on the MATCH or TMF lists. Our team has the experience and tools to bring your company the opportunity to open a merchant account with global banks.