A modern payment gateway platform

Powering the future of online payments: The tools we provide enable a cost effective payment system that protects users’ privacy and ensures the integrity of data.

Manage your merchants with our platform.

We provide an advanced system to help your business succeed.

Focus on your business

Merchant services is complex and technical. We help you focus on your business by taking care of the technical aspects of processing.

Merchants see your branding

Our white label service let’s your customers see your branding. Strengthen your identity with our platform by having us put your image on your processing.

Elimate fraud and reduce risk

Fraud over the internet is growing. We have the tools to help you keep it in check. Our systems can be programed to match the type of risk you need to target.


Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when you put it to work to help you make your business run smoother. Find out how EZPayNow’s platform can help you grow your business.

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100+ Integrations

We are already connected to most major processors and always looking to add more our platform.

Manage Accounts

Create different roles for the different types of people that use your website. Manage permissions of your team members.

Set Your Own Prices

What you decide to charge your clients is your business. Our platform is flexible enough to accommodate your business model.

Build Your Brand

Easily upload your logo and customize our platform to match your brand.

Easily Add Merchants

You have the freedom to add your merchants on your own terms.

Value Added Services

Generate additional revenue by offering our services to you clients.

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